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Diet management is the key to PKU success stories, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice taste!  Products and recipes have come a long way since the low protein diet was first introduced with patients, and we are happy to share some of our favorite recipes and websites here.  Have a recipe you would like to share?  Please ensure you have calculated all the phe and then email it to us!

DISCLAIMER:  These recipes have been contributed by individuals and stated phe amounts have not been verified.  Neither CanPKU+ nor the individuals who contributed the recipes shall be held accountable; follow recipes and calculations at your own risk.

Nutricia has created a fillable recipe book which can be located here as a download in English and French.

We also have some of these books on hand in printed style. If you would like one please reach out to (while supplies last)

Share your Recipes!

We asked them if they could create just a single page which could be filled out and submitted to eventually maybe create our own big binder from across the country - while following the same format! Consider downloading this page and submitting your favorite recipe. If you have received this recipe from another source (Cook for Love, recipe book etc) that's ok, just let us know in the notes section so that we can give proper credit. If you know the amino acid or protein break downs, please include these as well. Let's all help each other eat with more variety! If it is a recipe that you have created/adapted on your own, it will have the chance to be made into a recipe book! Please sign the release form and attach when submitting the recipe if interested. If you do not know the protein breakdown - don't worry - we have some dieticians who will help.

Single Fillable Page English   Page à remplir unique Francais 

Release Letter - Patients Recipes Booklet   Lettre de décharge - Livre de recettes 

Find other Recipe Sites

(Don't forget ours, just a little lower on the page)

There are lots of great websites out there with low protein recipes.  Let us know what your favorite is so we can add it to the list!

Cook for Love by Brenda Winiarski

Low Pro Recipes by Genevieve LaFrance,  RD

The Wooden Spoon by Maria Depenweiler

Cambrooke Website

Nutricia Website

There are also some great cookbooks made and printed. Some from the same people above.

Nutricia has the Italian Cookbook also made available as a download to our members. English

Nutricia propose également le livre de cuisine italien en téléchargement à nos membres. Francais

How Much Phe is a great resource for tracking phe.  Remember, CanPKU members can request a coupon for $10 off their HMP annual fee!

Enjoy these Recipes!!

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