Join the Mini U Crew

It's all about U as youth and teens living with your rare.

Do you have PKU, MSUD, HCU, or UCDs?


Looking for support with the following?

  • Recipes and cooking ideas.
  • Help and support with the hard days.
  • Someone to help guide you down the right path.
  • Non-judgemental space to share your ups and downs.
  • Friendship from others in the same ship.
  • Someone to be accountable to in order to maintain your treatment goals
  • Receive mentoring and potentially become a future mentor?
  • Receive encouragement and surprises along the way.

Want to be part of the U Crew?

Are you someone between the ages of 8-17 who is living with PKU, MSUD, HCU, or UCDs?

Send an email to with the title Mini U CREW APPLICANT.

Let us know your name, province where you live, your rare, your date of birth and that you are interested in joining the U Crew.  PLEASE NOTE WE NEED THE INFORMATION FROM THE PARTICIPANT WHO IS 8-17 YEARS OLD. THEY MUST HAVE THEIR OWN EMAIL. THIS IS NOT A PLACE FOR PARENTS. JUST THOSE LIVING WITH RARE.

Please also let us know if you are looking to help others or to receive support on your new or existing journey. Everyone is welcome!

This crew is run as a "program". We will do our best to either catch you up to the most recent group. If it has been some time since the group has started and it makes more sense, we may offer to start a new group and gather some more people - but don't worry, we will be here to help either way!

Already a member of a MINI U Crew?

Join your "Crew Page" here.


This includes not only being free from judging each other - but ourselves. This journey is hard. If you are trying your best, you are winning - even if it takes a bit of time to see those results.

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