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Medical Student Volunteer Network

We would like to thank all those who served our community in the past as well!

We are forever thankful to John Adams, Cristian Baigorria and Tatiana Dociu, who saw the need for a unified voice for PKU patients and founded this organization.

Our organization continues to grow and thrive thanks to the support of those who are currently on our board and helping as operational chairs or management individuals. However, we did not get to where we are today without the support from those of our past.

We would not be where we are today without the guidance, leadership and dedication provided by previous executive board member Nicole Pallone who dedicated many years to serving as our Vice President.

We would also like to thank former board members and operational members for all their efforts to the organization. In alphabetical order they are - Wilma Allan, Ruth Appanah,  Tristan Audet, Jennifer Ballagh, Charles Black, France Comeau, Helene Dandurand, Amanda Horner (Cosburn),  Sandra Hughes, Frances Hurst, Diane Little, Arlene McDonald,  Amanda McManaman, Jennifer Pino, Tanya Trembley (Compeau), and Brienna Young.

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