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Two Research Opportunities to Help Improve PKU 
You can participate at home and be compensated for your time and effort. 

New Online Research: Cognitive and Emotional Health in PKU

Dr. Shawn Christ and colleagues at the University of Missouri are currently seeking participants for multiple new research projects aimed at developing better tools for assessing cognitive and psychological health outcomes in individuals with PKU. One such project involves the use of a customized cell phone-based app to assess in-the-moment symptoms of potential psychological distress. Another project is aimed at developing a new tool for better capturing day-to-day neurocognitive symptoms of elevated Phe. Both studies can be done remotely (no need to come in person), are open to adults (18 years & older) with phenylketonuria (PKU) from Canada or the U.S., and provide monetary compensation for participation. For more information or to volunteer to participate, please contact Tess Fogelberg (573-884-8109;

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Participate in Registries

Why participate in registries?

For patients and patient advocacy organizations, a registry may increase understanding of natural hisoty of a disease, contribute to the development of treatmnet guidelines or faciliate research on treatments..

Link  to medical journals on the topic:

Participate in Research

Enter your information into the HCU Data Collection program designed to capture a global perspective on HCU and allow for a place for researchers to come to get data to do further research. Check it out!

Published Research and Articles.

2021 The Effect of Improved Dietary Control on Cognitive and Psychiatric Functioning in Adults with PKU.

2021 - 50 Years Ago in THE JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS

2021 Enteral tube feeding in patients receiving dietary treatment for metabolic diseases A retrospective analysis in a large French cohort

2021 Diffusion kurtosis imaging detects subclinical white matter abnormalities in Phenylketonuria

2021 Long-term preservation of intellectual functioning in sapropterin-treatedinfants and young children with phenylketonuria A seven-year analysis

2021 CRISPR: A new paradigm of theranostics

2021 Nutrient management in the intrapartum period in maternal maple syrup urine disease

2020 Executive functioning, adaptive skills, emotional and behavioral profile: A comparison between autism spectrum disorder and phenylketonuria

2020 - Adult patient perspectives on phenylketonuria care: Highlighting the need for dedicated adult management and services

2020 Branched-chain α-ketoacid dehydrogenase deficiency (maple syrup urine disease): Treatment, biomarkers, and outcomes

2020 The effects of early-treated phenylketonuria on volumetric measures of the cerebellum

2020 Body fat percentage in adolescents with phenylketonuria and associated factors

2020 - PKU and the Brain New Research and Therapies (NPKUA)

2020 Carriership of the rs113883650/rs2287120 haplotype of the SLC7A5 (LAT1) gene increases the risk of obesity in infants with phenylketonuria

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2020 Health Related Quality of Life assessment among early-treated Hungarian adult PKU patients using the PKU-QOL adult questionnaire

2019 A benefit-risk analysis of pegvaliase for the treatment of phenylketonuria: A study of patients' preferences

2019 Psychiatric and Cognitive Aspects of Phenylketonuria: The Limitations of Diet and Promise of New Treatments

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2019 The evaluation of phenylalanine levels in Estonian phenylketonuria patients during eight years by electronic laboratory records

2019 The financial and time burden associated with phenylketonuria treatment inthe United States

2019 White and gray matter brain development in children and young adults with phenylketonuria

2018 Living with Phenylketonuria: Lessons from the PKU community

2018 The development of PAL story - We are honoured that Dr. Sarkissian is part of our advisory board.

2018 Reproductive experience of women living with phenylketonuria

2018 Living with phenylketonuria in adulthood: The PKU ATTITUDE study

2018 Sex differences in body composition and bone mineral density inphenylketonuria: A cross-sectional study

2018 Association of immune response with efficacy and safety outcomesin adults with phenylketonuria administered pegvaliase in phase 3clinical trials

2018 Salivary serotonin does not correlate with central serotonin turnover inadult phenylketonuria (PKU) patients

2018 Early feeding practices in infants with phenylketonuria across Europe

2018 Fourteen new mutations ofBCKDHA,BCKDHBandDBTgenes associatedwith maple syrup urine disease (MSUD) in Malaysian population

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2017 Neuropsychiatric comorbidities in adults with phenylketonuria.pdf

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2017 First-year metabolic control guidelines and their impact on future metabolic control and neurocognitive functioning in children with PKU

2017 Partial rescue of neuropathology in the murine model of PKU following administration of recombinant phenylalanine ammonia lyase (pegvaliase)

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2015 Individualized long-term outcomes in blood phenylalanine

2015 California Kuvan Criteria revised

2014 Summary of Long-Term Efficacy of Kuvan

2014 Molecular genetics and diagnosis of PKU

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2014 Kuvan Product Monograph – Canada

2014 GMDI Dietary Guidelines for PKU

2014 Genotype prediction of BH4 response

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2014 ACMG Guidelines

2014 (PKU-016) A randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind study of sapropterin

2013-01 Summary of Kuvan responses at BC Children’s

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2012 Appui croissant en faveur des principes devant guider la transformation

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2011 Tetrahydrobiopterin Therapy for Phenylketonuria in Infants and Young and children

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2011 PKU High plasma phenylalanine concentrations are associated with increased

2011 History Orphan Drugs

2011 Experimental evidence that phenylalanine is strongly associated to oxidative stress

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2011 Assessing Cognitive and Social-Emotional Functioning

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2010 Outcomes beyond phenylalanine An international perspective

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2009 Medical Food for Treatment of PKU

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2008 PKU—What is daily practice in various centres in Europe

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2004? OMMBID – Chapter 77 – Phenylalanine Hydroxylase Deficiency

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1955 Case Notes summary Sheila Jones

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