School Aged

We want to help you at each step of the way.

We understand some of the resources are specific to disorders but many can overlap.

We also have peer support if you just need to talk to someone. Please get in touch.

Downloadable Resources:

2022 - Cambrooke's School Aged Developmental Milestones  Jalons de l'âge scolaire à Cambrooke-p1  Jalons de l'âge scolaire p2

Cambrooke Back to School - Page 1 Page 2 (English)

2021 - Nutricia - Activity Booklet 

2021 Nutricia - Livret d'activités 

2021 - Nutricia - Guide to PKU - Teachers    Personnel enseignant et infirmier en milieu scolaire

School Meals The National Society for Phenylketonuria (UK) Ltd - Note the first couple pages talk about school provided lunches. This does not happen in Canada. The balance of the booklet is very informative and may be great for teachers!

The ABCs of PKU was developed by Nicole Pallone when her PKU daughter was entering public school.  This 8-page summary of PKU is everything a teacher, daycare provider or babysitter needs to know about PKU, including a final page for you to personalize with your specific information.

PKU Food Pyramid

My PKU Activity Book

Website Links:

Middle School Prep for looking towards College - 2023 Insightful Moments - PTC Therapeutics

Préparation au collège pour se tourner vers l'université - 2023 Insightful Moments - PTC Therapeutics Moments perspicaces

What is PKU and What does it mean? Booklet prepared by San Diego Regional Center at Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center.

Why reinvent the wheel? The University of Washington has great School Aged stories and materials for you to choose from. Check it out.

YouTube Video Links:

Cambrooke - Ajinomoto Cambrooke YOUTUBE – Video Recipes

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