This page is being provided as a tool for places to source low protein foods in Canada. It is not complete. Please submit favorite sites or items for review to be posted to

Low Protein Food Distributors in Canada

Specialty Foods Shop (SFS) is located in Toronto, Ontario. 

They are a CanPKU+ In Kind(ness) Sponsor. The SFS covers the cost of all the starter (and restarter) kits that go out to the clinics for newly diagnosed patients and those returning to care as adults.

National Food Distributor is located in Quebec. They import foods globally for the use in metabolic treatments.

Cambrooke is a manufacturer of low protein products. They providing shipping to Canada via their website.

Ajinomoto Cambrooke is a Sponsor of CanPKU+ providing funding to allow us to assist our community.

Manufactures that offer foods lower in protein

From shredded cheeze to cheezecake, we’ve got plant-based covered. Explore dairy-free, allergen-free foods and ingredients that keep you coming back for more.

Daiya Foods is an in Kind(ness) Sponsor of CanPKU+ providing coupons for families as well as offering free product purchases for our events.   - Gum and Candy Aspartame Free - Non Dairy Cheese Products - Meat Alternatives

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