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The MedAccessBC coalition of patient groups (common & rare diseases) which CanPKU+ belongs to has planned a public awareness & advocacy campaign in first part of 2024. 

BC Medication Coverage Report 2024 - This is a very informative tool that can be used to present to MLAs, other parties in advance of the election, media outlets etc. 

See the Full Press Release here.

Your call to action:

BC residents are being asked to email/write/visit their current MLAs.  

How to find out who your MLS is.

Please head to this website and enter your postal code where it request it. This tool will let you know who your MLA is and how to reach them.

Email, Call or Write your MLA to request a meeting with them.

You can use our template email here. Do include your personal story and why timely access to new medical treatments is vital to you and/or your family.

Example Letter with some content. 

We need to Educate, Motivate and Inspire all parties in BC in advance of the elections in the Fall of 2024.

In the greatest interest of the patients of BC we need to be Omni-Partisan and look to work with all political parties in advance of the elections in 2024.

In order to keep up to dates on matters of this Advocacy Target please connect with the following social media channels

Gastrointestional Society

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