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Spare for Rare

Quille-o-dons pour les maladies rares

(previously known as PINS 4 PKU)

First introduced in 2018; PINS4PKU helped raise money to provide scholarships for families to attend Camp MagniPHEque. Families and friends from across the nation (with and without PKU) joined together and went bowling. Bowlers raise pledges and came out for a day of fun!

After just 2 years, Pins4PKU had raised over $20,000! This fundraiser has sent many families from coast to coast to both the Saskatchewan and Ontario CanPKU+ camps. Covid may have slowed down this incredible fundraiser but now that people can gather, we think it’s time to schedule a PINS4PKU event in your community, but there have been some changes! PINS4PKU has been rebranded. As we move forward with our goals and missions at CanPKU+, we want to recognize all of the allied disorders that we support with our fundraisers too. With that being said, PINS4PKU will now be known as Spare for Rare! Spare for Rare is here to stay and is ready to happen at a bowling alley near you!

Are you interested in hosting a Spare for Rare event? It's just as easy as planning a day of bowling with your family. In fact, if you need extra help - we are happy to provide it! We can call the bowling center and arrange the booking if you prefer, help with finalizing details, or anything else you may need. Please email to arrange this assistance.

“I don’t think I could host a big event like this.” - Previous Event Host

Sure, some people have gone WAY above and beyond and arranged silent auctions, bake sales, etc. to push the fundraising even further - but it is whatever you are comfortable with doing. We appreciate every dollar and we would be happy to try and help you with anything you need.

Join us for an information night to learn more how YOU can host a Spare for Rare event on July 31st, 2024 at 7 PM Eastern

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Spare for Rare - National Community Events - Événements communautaires nationaux

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